Fundraiser to give CVSA Nordic a good start

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Fundraiser to give CVSA Nordic a good start

juli 15, 2017 News 0

CVSA Nordic are hosting a fundraising campaign to raise enough money to fund the starting expenses to our site.

What will we do with the donations?

CVSA Nordic is a non-profit organization, and no one working in this organization receives any monetary reward. As stated in our articles of association , any excess of funds received from donations must always be reinvested into the organization to reach our goal.

This is how we will use the money:

650 Nok will buy us two years of webhosting while we build the website and start getting the first paying members.

300 Nok will buy us web-domain for the same amount of time.

300 Nok will buy us backup&restore to protect our website during this period of time.

3.000 Nok will buy a system where our members can register and pay their membership fee.
The components to the website itself (pictures, forum, design etc), cost about 5.000 Nok, but the work of actually putting it up is done for free.

About 8%* of the donations goes to gofundme or Paypal for running the platforms the fundraising are held at.

You can follow these link to donate money: